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Originally Posted by incorrupts View Post
Oh, i did not know that Schneizel was not a human being but a definition of time. Hm, i guess he does not deserve a second chance then. Since he NEVER changes. And who can truly be the judge of this? Oh, let me guess. The judges that decided that Nina should get a clean-free pass for her genocide. Yah. So since the "court" is already biased towards Schneizel, ok then.
Then let me rephrase this: As I see Schneizel, it would take a lot to change Schneizel. He probably loved all his siblings, but he was ready to kill them for the "greater good" any time.
He didn't care much about anything but world peace... at any cost.
So yes, he was a risk Lelouch just couldn't take.
"I think of the disturbance in Area 11 as a chess puzzle, set forth by Lelouch." - Clovis la Britannia
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