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Originally Posted by Konakaga View Post
As a non-novel reader I have to disagree the final battle made a reasonable amount of sense, it wasn't perfect, but I felt the direction and execution of the final episode were good and far from falling on it's face especially compared how JC staff's attempt of an ending in Yumekui Merry .
I should point out again, Aria has the same director as Merry So that's a very close bullet we've dodged.

Originally Posted by broken270 View Post
Was anyone else laughing at the episode twelve preview when Aria called Kinji Yuuji, Saito, and believed his name was Ryuuji for a few seconds there? Well, at least she did not call him Hayat*is silenced*
Yeah, I thought that was the highlight of Episode 11, well that and the Splinter Cell slash heist movie reference

Buy yeah, why not Hayate? And Saito is also another odd one out, otherwise every one of them would have the same name ending with 'ji'
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