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Oh god when Coco tried to attack Four Beast's main body even though he was sure that he was obstructing it's field of vision... but those eyes on the tentacles are popped out of nowhere and gave me chills on my whole body. Seriously that's why I like Toriko so much. It's good because it's little darker than normal shounen and those fighting and action scenes are superb. I hope with the help of Teppei and Mansam they could overcome this obstacle and save the mankind. I can't think of what would happen next and what will be their next move but the only thing that they need at the moment is team work. Yeah it was good and all that they are attacked monster alone and wanted to test their might but without team work they can't even lift one finger againist Four Beast. It was kinda sad to see Toriko watching his pal's getting wrecked by Four Beast and doing nothing and suddenly he was also attacked by it. I hope they make nice comeback in the next chapter.

edit: Oh by the way now that I re-readed this chapter again I just noticed that Toriko and his crew wants to eat Four Beast after defeating it. He even says that if it tastes delicious or not but what makes me worry is that isn't Four Beast eating human as it's main dish? So I don't think it will taste any good. After all that's something that eats human and it will be like cannibalism to eat something like that. I mean all the nutriments will come from humans so it will leave a bitter taste after eating it. Yeah I am thinking too much but I don't want to eat something that eats humans, lol.

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