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Originally Posted by Urzu 7 View Post
What is that anime about?
I don't think the topic starter was talking about the anime. On the second thought, maybe the discussion is about the anime.

This "middle school sencond grade student" label started in 2ch BBS. The BBS had a lot of trolls and flammers. They noticed some of the trolls are very childish. So, they call these trolling act as "middle school second grade student's disease", or chuunibyou. When the trolling happened during summer, they call it as chuuni on the summer vaction. When the trolling happend during the winter, they called it as chuuni on the winter break.
At least one guy wrote the book about chuuni. Chuunibi has several special traits. It includes evil eye(aka believing he has super power). See the eye patch reference in anime Another.
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