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At this point it's hard to pick 5

Lately the anime that I've enjoyed the most are Vampire Knight and Kimikiss Pure Rouge
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon has me thinking I should go watch that genre more...
(I usually only care for romance / high school / drama / comedy)
So it deserves a place on my list as well
Stein's Gate was a show that grabbed my attention form the first episode, even though I usually dislike the genre
(I won't go watch more sci-fi now since my opinion on the overall genre hasn't changed)
Star Driver is one of the most complete series I've seen. The music was epic...
If all series had that kind of epic music...

Putting those 5 in particular order...

5. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (Though enjoyable, it was a bit too cramped, too much info in too little time)
4. Kimikiss Pure Rouge (I really loved it but in the end it's still one of many high school romance series)
3. Vampire Knight (Great series, though season 2 felt a bit downhill...)
2. Stein's Gate (Masterpiece. Never expected to be drawn in by that kind of anime)
1. Star Driver (Complete package + Epic Music)
Anime ga Daisuki!

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