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Top 5

1. Steins;Gate - Such a great show and the universe has keeped me hooked since seeing it. The games even better too.
1. K-On - A show which I can sit and watch and have a massive great big smile on my face the whole way through. It's so relaxing and so lovely.
2. Kaminomi - I love Keima as a character and Elsea and Haqua are really awesome too. I really need to get into reading the manga.
3. Madoka Magica - Loved the setting, the animation style and it was a total unexpected love for me. Knew nothing about it before I watched it and it blew me away. Total rollercoaster ride.
4. There's so many that could go in this last spot, but I think it goes to Haruhi. After watching Haruhi I decided to finally pick up something I wanted to do since I was really young. It got me back into anime and it made me start finally learning Japanese a few years ago. The movie was fantastic and I watched Endless Eight first by accident and enjoyed it.
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