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I'm really liking these flashbacks. as I've said in earlier threads, it is a bit late, but better late than never. I'm in no rush to go back to the other fights either as great as they are. the longer the wait, the more satisfying the read and the more time kishi has to spend on them.

also, I dont think this flashback is designed to make us feel sympathy for kabuto. maybe to a degree, but it is more to explain his life and let us make our own judgments if we want. he was a blank slate that could have gone either good or bad. danzo's methods were the cause for his turn and orochimaru was there to give him a purpose. i find it all very interesting and since orochi is one of my favorite characters, i'll never complain about seeing more of him. kabuto's story is a bit sad, but not really. i'm just enjoying it and i really like how it tied many characters in this chapter.

the only issue i have is the timeline relating to sasori and kabuto. i'm not sure that makes sense... this story makes sense, but not in light of what we've heard before i think
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