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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
also, I dont think this flashback is designed to make us feel sympathy for kabuto.
I also have to add that it's strange how some people complain that the author shows the child Kabuto as not being evil. What do these guys expect? Do they think there are people who are born evil and others born good? This way of thinking is like racism, and it's also a very simple black and white thinking about the world. The world is more complex than evil vs good, and for a manga that runs for 10 years, even if it's just a shonen manga it has to go beyond the simple Black&White depiction of the world, it makes the story more realistic and interesting.

And most importantly i believe there is no such thing as someone being born evil or good, everyone is born the same, then the society makes them either good or evil. Sure people are different, some are more introverted and some more extroverted, etc. and so their different traits make them react differently to events in the world. But if these events they suffer are really bad than it's the events that push them to be evil or good, and the difference in their personalities (are they more agressive or less agressive in nature due to their genetic inheritance, etc.) -while also being part of the equation - is not key factor of what they will become. And that is also one of the main points in this manga: when Naruto and Sasuke met for the last time it shows us a possible reverse situation, where the events have made of Naruto the evil one and Sasuke the good one (when Sasuke uses rasengan against Naruto's chidori).
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