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Originally Posted by zeniselv View Post

im pretty sure the libido its not something you can compansate with games, sexual energy? i think its more his sexual frustration, specially at that age, when you pretty much have the need to satisfy your libido even if it is by yourself, another thing would be having low or no sex drive(in wich the later is actually a huge problem), but from some scenesin the anime it seems quite normal.
What he means is that instead of focusing on girls and the like, he dumped all his focus into playing the SAO Beta Test. He just used gaming terms,

Originally Posted by GenjiChan View Post
I thought it was to play Eroge games...

Anyway, converting sexual energy to play games... not bad. I did mine (I don't think it in anything sexual in nature) balance... both in playing games and in studying... Beating the game and getting high grades...
He mentions at that time that he was more interested in games than girls. Methinks the narrator doth protest too much, but then at that age I was more interested in games than girls. (And still am - deleted my stash to free up more space to play the PS2 games that I missed in the last ten years )


If Asuna were to be classed as a Tsundere, I'd class her as a type-B - a girl who is usually sweet and dere to most people, deredere to the love interest, and occasionally tsun when the world - or the love interest - does something stupid. Refer to Hime from Brain Powered - she's a classic Type-B tsundere who's deredere to Yuu, but tsun whenever he does something stupid (like that running gag of Yuu kissing her to make her shut up, without actually understanding the significance of that action).

Notice how Asuna is mostly dere to Kirito, and there are two times she's strongly tsun - when just waking up after her nap, and when Kirito groped her by accident, after she crashed into him.

Ah, btw, a little elaboration on that scene from the light novels, which makes that scene a whole lot funnier, IMO:

Spoiler for Crash Into Hello, Novel Version notes:
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