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To my friends on animesuki who wanted to see this, and to my facebook friends who are not animesuki members who will also see this. Sorry for the delay. There's so many pics to resize, I was not able to do finish this as fast as previous convention reports.

Attended Cosmania 2012 anime convention, last Sept 29. SMX Convention Center function rooms 3 to 5. Function room 3 is the room where you can buy tickets, cosplayers make use of this room as well. Function room 4 is where merchandise are sold and games are done on stage. Function room 5 is where cosplay competition and performances are held.

Arrived at the place at approximately 3:30 pm in the afternoon.
After a short rest, proceeded immediately to buy a ticket and start taking pics!

Ranka Lee is the first cosplayer I met.

Soldier from an anime I don't know.

Hidan no Aria

Want some takoyaki?


Mio from K-On.

I think this is a uniform from Shana.

Fun performance going on at function room 5.


I think she's cosplaying Yui Hirasawa from K-On.

Don't know the character, but I think she's from Sword Art Online anime.

Touhou girls, there's three of them but I wasn't able to get a solo of the third one.


Want some gashapon?

She wants you to buy some stuff.. the stuff her mom's shop is selling.


No convention is complete without someone in maid uniform.


This cosplayer surprised me. After taking her pic I was going to move on to other cosplayers but then.. a man suddenly calls me. Turns out it's her dad, and he seems to want to take a souvenir pic of anyone who takes pic of his daughter. So I stand beside her for a souvenir pic.

One more Mio cosplayer.

Don't know the anime, but she's cute so I took pic.

They're in the area where video games are being played.

Don't know what they're selling here.

One more SHNY cosplayer.

Cosplayer group.

Stockings cosplay

Well, she's the same person I saw at BoA 2012. I guess a person who attended BoA would most likely attend Cosmania as well.

One more cosplay that I don't know the source. Cute, so I took pic.

Chinese dress cosplay

Zero cosplayer. I also saw Megaman X in the afternoon, but not able to take a good pic of her (the Megaman X cosplayer is a girl).


This seems to be a Sazabi cosplay because of the shape and color, but I'm not sure.

. .


Don't know the source of this character.

Also don't know the source of this.


Conventions would always have someone wearing the basic schoolgirl uniform.

One more Yui Hirasawa cosplay, and a cute one too.

. .

I badly needed some cold mineral water for drink, by a nice coincidence some cosplayers are near the store, so I took pic.

Looks like they're a band.

Squall from FF8

Angel Beats

Another "cute, so I took pic" reason.

Cosplayers in function room 3


I was really tempted to buy these Kirino and Ruri figurines.


A little angel.

Anyone know the source of this cosplay?

Saw her at function room 4.

Didn't expect to see someone doing a Cure Passion cosplay.


Hatsune Miku? This is a cute one.



She said she's cosplaying for the first time. I think it's good.

P and S cosplayers.


She has a doll.. that looks like her.

Saw Ranka Lee again, she seems to be going home already.

Nice red dress with umbrella to match it.

She seems to be cosplaying someone from an rpg.

. .

She has a good smile, and a large spiked mace.


Their facebook page is


Some more pics of cosplayers in the hallway.

. .

Her nickname is Ben, she's my friend who cosplays Sheryl Nome from Macross. But this time she's crossplaying as someone from Kuroko no Basket.

STRENGTH. After the convention, I saw her walking home with Black Rock Shooter and Black Gold Saw all still in costume. I didn't get pic of the other two anymore, because I thought it might be rude to disturb cosplayers who are going home - they're probably tired already.


Robo Hatsune Miku!


Anyone know the source of this character?

More cosplayers at the hallway.


More Miku! And another cute one.

I accepted one of the free things they're handing out without knowing what it is. I later learned it's free stickers, and they're promoting the backpacks that they're carrying. ^^

Kallen and her Gurren.


These two are always together the whole day.

Armored cosplayers.

Want some cake? To the girl in black, sorry I forgot your name. She (girl in black) is the one who bakes the cakes. I bought two. Their facebook page is

. .

The flower girl is present..

Resident Evil movie cosplay! Can't believe a little girl in an R.E outift is running around with a cameraphone - taking pics of other cosplayers of course.

. .

Thank you Japan. A little sad, I wasn't able to attend Japan Day last July because I didn't know about it.

. .

More Hatsune Miku.

Went back inside to function room 5. Someone at the stage ask "Are you having fun?!!!" The audience (including me) reply yeaaahh!!!

Some people from Animax are at the convention too.

She has a bear.

Her name is Kat. And this is her link is

Enma Ai cosplay

Some souvenirs before going home?

. .

Sheryl Nome

The girl in red is familiar to me, but can't remember the character.

. .

Some more pics before going home..


Now, I was all about to go home. But changed my mind and went back inside function room 3 - Glad that I did. Saw some more good cosplays there.

C3 "take my pic or I'll curse you" anyone who watched C3 will know what I mean.

Kurisu Makibe cosplay - this is one of the best cosplays I've seen the entire day. Good thing I went back inside function room 3.


Goodbye Cosmania 2012. Hopefully, visit again next year.. sayonara..

Some simple items I bought at the convention.

. . .

Well, that's all for my Cosmania 2012 anime convention report.
Until next time, and thanks for reading.

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