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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
Hahaha......just like I thought ! That's right, he's cosplaying the original Sazabi (from MS Gundam: Char's Counterattack), and a nice one at that! I guess Zeon's Mobile Suit is easier to make due to the curves which Gundams don't have.

Above the Sazabi, that girl was probably cosplaying Zero from Megaman/Rockman series IIRC.

The name of the female characters from Sword Art Online is Asuna.

Further down, the one that you tagged as "robot" is actually cosplaying Arbalest from Full Metal Panic!

Further up, the one you tagged as "cosplayer group" is from Green Hornet. Both guys cosplaying as Green Hornet (right) & Kato (left). As for the chic, I don't remember.

The cosplayer that you met when you bought mineral water is from Fate/Zero. They're Irisviel Einzbern (left) & Saber (right)
Thanks for that. Glad that a fan of the gundam series give some useful info. The Sazabi cosplayer responded by pointing his gun when I pointed my camera at him. It seems easy to see from inside the suit, because he knew quickly that someone wants to take pic (note: I'm the only one taking pic of him at that time). The head part of his costume has real light in it. He said thanks when I told him that his cosplay is very good.

Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
Okuu is kinda cute...
Okuu? I don't know the character.
Is she one of the two Touhou girls?

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