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Originally Posted by grey_1960 View Post
Two years ago one Shichibukai would have made up a whole arch.

Yeah, but the Sabaody arc made the level of future enemies crystal clear when the entire Straw-Hat crew struggled to their utmost limits just to take out ONE FODDER PACIFISTA.. I've argued this point with you hundreds of times already, but how could a crew who were just barely able to take out one Kumabot two years ago suddenly be at the level to take on an emperor's entire pirate army by themselves? Yeah, Hody's fish-army from the last arc went down pretty easily but they weren't made up of elite pirates or marines, were they? The Marineford arc alone should have made it clear as to what kind of huge forces are needed to take on the full might of an emperor.....

...And again, this is where the pirate alliances come in. Teaming up with Law should be just the beginning for Luffy. He'll need to make as many powerful allies as he can before he takes on Big Mama and any other pirate emperors (which is why I still feel that his alliance will eventually be integrated with Kid's). Hell, even now I still feel that he'll need Law's help to take down Doflamingo's crew now that he's become their target. You just can't take the New World so lightly.....
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