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So after much research and speculation ide like to possibly make some Sakura fans happy. I enjoyed all the Fate/Stay routes and like many others I was pretty appalled at the Sakura situation. While im not really a Sakura fan I felt after playing through HF that it soured my view of The ending for my beloved fate route haha, mainly because I thought its messed up how Sakura is left high and dry.

Ive come to realize that Sakura isn't screwed in the Fate Route at least. Zouken never made an appearance in that route at all, so we all assume He is still being a dick and torturing Sakura. Zouken is however mentioned in the Fate Route, he is possibly dead. On the 13th day of Fate Shirou asks Kotomine about Gilgamesh, sometime during the conversation Kotomine mentions that someone could have been hiding him. The original master, or "A Magus that knew about the grail war but did not become a master". This would mean Zouken, its then confirmed the very next sentence. "I know one such person, but that is impossible as well. The old Makiri has already retired".

The key here would be Retired. Its used in a way that would imply death, in the verb sense of to "recede or Disappear". In Fate/Zero Kotomine mentions that Zouken is an enemy that he needs to kill one day. Its possible that before Fate starts Kotomine acts on that. He would certainly be capable of it because of his Baptism rite ability which directly harms the soul. We already know from HF that Zouken's soul itself is decaying. The baptism rite in theory would wipe out whats left of Zouken's soul. Alternatively (and much more likely) Zouken could have just run out of time and soul decayed, which seems to fit the description of "retired" more accurately. Seeing as all the routes are separate from each other and essentially their own story this could work. Hypothetically now(don't get upset) lets assume Fate is the "true" route for the series, that would make ubw and HF just what IF stories, with that in mind we have the information in fate that Zouken is dead that's why he doesn't appear. Soooo that would make HF a what IF story like ok what if that old makiri guy they mentioned was still around? Bam there is HF, they expand on the idea. The same would apply if you choose HF as the main route, that would make Fate a what IF story, what if zouken died before the war.

With all this said my main point of this post was to say that If we believe Zouken is dead in Fate that means Sakura can live a happy life free of the Matou family bull kucka, because Zouken isn't around and neither is Shinji. I hope this will give some Sakura fans closure on her "fate" in at least the Fate route.
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