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Russian line is great for starting out. KV-1 is the best ALL ROUND T5 heavy; not the best in everything, but the best compromise of all aspects. Get rid of it ONLY if you don't like money; it's a solid moneymaker. T-28 grind is painful, but it's not as bad as the A-20 grind, and you unlock the best gun for the T-34 on it.

Derp guns are guns with high damage, and usually slow reload time (the M4 Sherman has the fastest reloading derp ingame, at 7 seconds reload for the 105mm howitzer it can miunt). They are, more often than not, howitzers, instead of rifled tank guns. Examples are the 122mm howitzer on the KV-1, and the 125mm tank gun on the KV-1S.

Alpha damage means the damage on your first shot. Derps excel at alpha damage.
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