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Decent ending but i expected the final showdown to have a little more umph behind it. It felt like after the Kid, Blackstar fight Maka's fight just fizzled. I understand the message they were portraying but still i just was not feeling it. It was nice to see everything worked out in the end.

I liked the series it was a fun ride just fizzled out for me in the end.
I snipped a bit of the quote, but the remaining part reflects my opinion perfectly. The idea of the ending wasn't bad, albeit rather mediocre, but it was executed in a way that showed none of the drive and gusto I enjoyed in the first half of this anime. The battle against Kishin in episodes 20+ was much more interesting and dramatic.

Though I liked Maka saving the day. Hooray for female shounen heroes. But I felt they burdened her character with too much reflection in the later parts of the anime. We get it. She's not Black*Star. She overanalyzes her potential and her actions and her future and gets doubts because of that. Being told that once or twice is enough to understand.
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