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It's funny how they had 5-6 brothers in that age but in Naruto's age people have mostly 1 or 2 children. It's like a transition from feudal age into modern western age in less than a hundred years. At least the old world in the flashback is more realistic in this matter, they had to have so many children to have at lest one survive until the mating age. As opposed to that the in the village system they still had their children die in wars and missions but they didn't have as much children, so it would make sense that the Senju died out not because they were destroyed but because they didn't have enough children. Tsunade's brother died and she doesn't have any children, no wonder that her genes and her clan dies out In Naruto's generation none of them has a stronger relationship that would result in children, but that's ok since Naruto will resurrect them if they die and Kishimoto will add another timeskip to see them with their children
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