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You're making this up, we know for a fact that the Uchiha clan had dwindled and we know nothing whatsoever about the number of Senju.
how am i making that up? of course i dont have an exact number on the uchiha members before the annihilation, but we saw a bunch of them in various scenes. they were the police force and there were also non-sharingan using family members and children. in other words they may have dwindled from their former headcount, but they were still existent as a clan and included multiple generations. what evidence do you have that there were senju around? just the fact that they weren't shown should be proof enough of their non-existence. if there was a senju clan around the time of the uchiha massacre and they just weren't mentioned then that's just plain bad writing.

kishi: oh by the way, the senju were there, i just never mentioned it... and then they vanished. believe it!
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