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Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
Why feudal? It's just like the real transition between now and a hundred years ago and we weren't in a state of perpetual total war then.
Yes, that's true, i said feudal because they keep saying "feudal lords" in the translations. But then they have only 1 or 2 children, which is kinda unrealistic when we learn how many of them died, and even in Naruto's generation they are pushed to the edge so the world doesn't feel safe (like a modern world) at all. So at least in the era of Hashirama things were more realistic. Not that they should be realisic If the clans really had 1 or 2 children most of them would die out in a few decades. But i guess Kishimoto most likely will find another cause why the Senju are no more.

A hundred years ago sure we didn't have total wars every day, but still the world was filled with death, there were world wars and local wars, famines caused by nature or the government, epidemics, lot of childbirth deaths. So i could have compared this to a 100 ago in most of the world (not counting some good places).

Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
i know you're being somewhat facetious
Well, Kishimoto was never good with numbers so i shouldn't complain at all
At least he made a huge massacre out of this war, by now there should be about 60-70 thousand dead ninjas. As things are now i see a huge mass revival coming, all those who died in the war are dead for at most 2 days, so they could be resurrected with the rinnegan. I mean can thousands of people be killed permanently in a manga that's for children?

Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
sasuke only has the one brother and the uchiha had a pretty large clan as opposed to the senju who were apparently already mostly gone when sasuke was young.
We don't know anything about that yet, it should be explained later. Or maybe some senju still exist but we never saw them. Kishimoto just does things that way, remember Hinata's love confession to Naruto where nothing happened, or more generally: Naruto never ever asked about his parents in about 10 years of the manga. Then we see in this war that Shikamaru's clan is quite large but we never saw any of them until now. Same with Asuma's and Sarutobi's clan. So who knows maybe we see a dozen Senju in the next non-flashback chapter.
I can imagine that the Uchiha had to be a relatively larger clan because they survived Madara's bloody rule. Remember that when he became leader of the clan he set up the rule to kill their best friends and brothers for the MS/EMS eyes, that sure didn't help to increase their numbers.

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