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It's late and I've not done much research, but I must intervene!!!

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
This is bloody BRILLIANT!!! Good job here!

And somebody... please remind me again why Subaru and Teana gave me TONS more yuri-vibes in one season versus all seasons combined with Nanoha and Fate?

Anyway, Mahou Shoujo-wise... hitting 20 is not a very compatible age progression ... Which makes me hate 7arcs even more for shafting Hayate's character development and appearances to hell and back...T_T

Though having a season with age 20+ magical girls sounds interestingly unique.

20's is NOT old. That's what you call young adults! It's 30's when you would be adult-adults and 40's are older adults!


*crickets chirping*

What?! >.>
<.< indeed...

Then again, I guess you should be happy that my first Nanoha fic attempt (that also kicked off the massive OC thread) was Auntie Nanoha at 40+ years old...

Yes like Lindy, she hasn't aged. In fact, its one of the reasons why I felt Nanoha looked old in StrikerS apart from really being old for a mahou shoujo... is because... 20 years later, she HASN'T CHANGED!

Hurraa from Khrack Logik. :3

Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
Only because the ultimate choice isn't a choice *shakes head sadly*



Yes Yuuro is Yuuno and Chrono :3

Yuuno: Oh Chrono~ *moves in for a kiss*
Chrono: *Yuuno is REJECTED* No my love we must not
Yuuno: Why ever not?
Chrono: Because we have a bunch fangirls stalking us
Nanoha/Fate/Hayate: *hide cameras*
Hayate: Oh no no please continue
Nanoha: Just pretend we're not here
Fate: *blushing too heavily to speak*
And YAOI is overrated.

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post

Magical Otome

Spoiler for If you get it.......:
I hereby commence intervention of Magical Otome with Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha FileS: The Case of the Warring Maidens!

Yup I was 1 year faster.

But most of it remained in my writing circle, in handwriting, and never completed, as I became very busy with OC Thread ever since.

Just wanna say GOOD JOB, for this definitely works! Now there's a Yuunoha version (SaintX and mine) AND a Fate/Nanoha version (Mercurial and Satashi-sama's) for the Nanohaverse. :3

Last but not least...

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