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Originally Posted by Thesinwithin View Post
Undercover, Chapter Seven, "Because a battle rages inside of me"

Chapter Seven Link

Spoiler for Notes:
Originally Posted by Satashi View Post

Magical Otome

Spoiler for If you get it.......:
Originally Posted by XenahortCharybdis View Post
All right, I give. I missed a lot in my study week, definitely.

But all the same, I can't say I did nothing...

*whistles and drops his package*

It's got a bit too much OC in it, but there's still some familiarity in it, so yeah, well.

First Nanoha Fic Post. Hooray. Many happy returns. Though normally I'm pretty sleepy when I post this stuff

Spoiler for Title:

Spoiler for The Forgotten Wanderer:

Spoiler for INTERLUDE: The Hound and the Snake:

Spoiler for Blade of Omen:

Spoiler for Final Lines:

Spoiler for Author's notes::

And yeah, that's it...NOW I can get some sleep

New member Xena, last post god-knows-when...



I only have notes for only one OC. THIS is Snake...
And this is his spell list...(if you really need it)...
All these are good, God work guys
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