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Originally Posted by Thesinwithin View Post
@Satashi - are you planning on making Viola/Kruger 17 as well? Because that wouldn't make sense, as Kruger and Viola are both at least in their mid-twenties at the time of Otome. So if Kruger's going to be Gakuenchou and Viola's still a Column/Pillar of Gaulderobe, then you've got to take into account that time skip as well (and the fact that Shizuru's older than Natsuki)....

Arika-tachi are wonderful and all, but there are so many GOLD minor-otome characters that you could really do whatever you wanted with any of them.

Also: Fic needs NAO. LOTS OF HER.

/otome nerd.

(I always call Kruger/Viola by their last names because I got into the habit of doing it when I wrote a fic where there was both Kruger and Kuga running around in the same place and I needed a way to tell them apart... sorry if it's offputting)
Everytime I hear "Nao" I think of Mabinogi... >.>;
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