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Originally Posted by hanseo View Post
but wouldn't be dumb for Suzaku to bringing Kallen to Ashford if they captured her ?
Why? He and the other Knights would be there to keep an eye on her as well as the secret service so theorically, what safer place could there be? Of course, since we know that the secret service is currently in Lelouch's pocket, it's nowhere the safe prison Suzaku thinks it is, but...

Anyway, since when has Suzaku been the shapest knife in the drawer anyway?

Originally Posted by Traece View Post
Suzaku does have a lot of power. I wouldn't be surprised if he could order Kallen's release all his own and have inducted back into Area 11 society as an Honorary Britannian. He's a powerful man now.
... Err, friend, she IS already a Britannian. Partly at least, so she doesn't have to be introduced as a Honorary Britannian...
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