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I don't think Britannia lets their Honorary Britannians run around doing as they please and keep their title. If you go to a country, become a citizen, and then slaughter a bunch of born and honorary citizens, I don't think that country will be accepting you any time soon.

I was speaking theoretically anyhow.

Never thought about this before but nobody has discussed the fate of the Guren Mk. II. The only way that Kallen can get it back is if she's taken by force back within the ranks of the Order of the Black Knights.

If Suzaku takes her to the Cupid's Ball, then loses track of her, there's no way they get the Guren Mk. II back. Does this mean Kallen gets a new toy? <3.

@ Emperor theory: There's no way that'll happen. The Emperor doesn't intend to interfere with Lelouch's plan. So far he's only expedited his intentions. Even sealing Lelouch's mind in the end worked in Lelouch's favor, in a way. I'd like to think it did at least.
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