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Originally Posted by Traece View Post
I don't think Sayoko could masquerade as Kallen.

... Sayoko is too tall.

Well Lelouch could still be her knight in shining armor if he personally comes up with the plan for her escape, and is involved in it. I could imagine Lelouch dancing with Kallen and whispering her the plan. That would be quite romantic, no? Knight in Shining Armor in a different sense. It's all the same for Kallen though, as long as Lelouch saves her she's happy.

Yeah, the Sayoko thing was more of a joke.

But, they could find someone else with Kallen's measurements. Is Kallen that much taller than Lelouch? I never noticed.

True, an escape is an escape, but it's just a little anti-climatic than what I hoped for. Oh well. It's not like we even know that Kallen is even going back to Ashford.

I like the idea of Kallen being under Nunnally's supervision better.
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