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I wonder why this series is getting so attention, I mean it has a ds game (promotional video can be seen here ) to be released with a top notch production staff and the anime's story is very interesting, the anime its self was not shabbily made, but why? What makes so this series gets so much attention? Why put so much money into something new?

I am not anime otaku but the only other series I watched like this was utena. In which it spawned an anime, manga, game, and movie but all came out together, like the manga was running at the same time the anime was then the game came out as soon as the series finished and the movie came out as soon as the series finished as well as the manga. But it was an all original project that developed from nothing yet all this stuff came out together...

Why is world destruction like this? Is it the brainchild of some big shots in the anime world? They could do that with utena because it was directed by the same guy that did the last season of sailor moon... right after sailor moon.

Anyways the manga will begin serialization this month in Dengeki Maoh according to ann.. I'll check the site later... Any word if anyone is going to scanlate this? If not I need to start collecting the actual maoh magazine... Don't want to get too far back on the releases, its released every month, but so what....

Yea I checked the main site world destruction is supposed to be in the next issue.For those who care enough to check themselves... linkie poo is here.
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