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I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by Charred Knight View Post
Eye patch covering his source of power, able to see the future, one of the most powerful villains around?

I don't buy that because then Bismarck would be a ripoff of King Bradley, who had the exact same abilities, and was even on the same station.
It's not like it's an uncommon ability. Offhand, I can also think of Getbackers and Black Cat, where it was present.

I'm not saying anything one way or another, except "eh, why not?". That he didn't foresee Charles' death doesn't mean anything. He'd have needed to activate his geass, and anyway, if his range is too short, he can't predict anything much.

It could also explain why his eye is sewn shut. Instead of having a perma-geass like Lulu or Mao, it's just that he needs to keep his eye closed to use his geass effectively - otherwise, he'd see both present and future though his geass eye, and it'd be more confusing than helpful or something.
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