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Thanks for the suggestions guys.
Oh wow! I got a moderator to reply to my thread! I feel so lucky!
Shin Sekai Yori and Steins Gate I think are at the top of my list for after I get back home.
Unfortunately, I don't have a PS3. I know quite a bit about Journey though, because I've watched quite a few Extra Credits episodes that referenced and talked about it. Great show.
If someday I pick up a ps3 for 50 bucks or less, I'll give it a shot.

School Rumble was maybe as much fun to watch as G.T.O. Maybe it's the length of a show that does it for me? I feel like I'm more attached to Ichijo, Akira, Sarah, Tenma, Kenji, Mikoto, and especially Eri and Yakumo, than the cast of GTO.
My main complaint about School Rumble is just how there isn't any closure. While I had a lot of fun, I do want to know how things end up for them. I really did enjoy School Rumble but because of this, it isn't a favorite of mine.

Hmmmmm School Days..
I've heard a bit about this show before, so I think I started viewing it differently than I would have otherwise.
I wonder, is this the way that other people feel when they see this? I wondered the same thing watching School Rumble. Does everyone sympathize with Eri and Yakumo? They just felt so real and human compared to Tenma's vapid playfulness, yet she was always the center of attention.
School Days made me question myself: Is Makoto just stupid? Or is he actually innately cruel, evil and incapable of sincerity, "via ex animo", from the heart, as the anime hints? Evil may seem overboard, but really, what's not evil about it? Makoto is happy as long as he is getting what he wants, and doesn't think of others unless he's forced to. Someone's feelings are not something he wants to inconvenience himself with unless it's necessary for his pleasure. Is the average person so different? How many people don't care what goes on next door, or in their city or state or country unless it impacts their daily routine of media consumption? How many people don't actually care about even their best friend? How many times have friends pretended to listen and used them for personal gain when it was convenient? How many people actually do stand up and try to make even the smallest difference for something they believe in? Is this just a national phenomenon? Is it just the United States that's full of these shitty people? Is Japan any different, with manga and anime glorifying morality at most every turn? I want to believe that can make a difference, but a part of me doubts it.
I guess that I've been thinking along this train of thought for a while, watching the anime that everyone has recommended to me. I just never felt that it was very appropriate to write something like this for what I thought of a specific show. School Days really seemed to bring all these thoughts to the forefront of my mind.
I've been writing this as I go through the show, and now I've finished. A lot happened near the end, and needless to say it surprised me.
I did cry for Kotohona at the end. It's so incredibly despairing that our world can be so cruel and wrong. It's equally as saddening that I personally can't claim to be above all this. I think I have personally made just about every mistake in this anime. In the end, Kotonoha stays in my mind. If someone were to meet their soul-mate and be a perfect person, they probably would have acted exactly like her. Her determination, her unwavering loyalty, her face that she presents to the world despite her terrible personal circumstances are all noteworthy. I ask myself if it would have been as easy to admire her if they hadn't made her character so curvy. Maybe yes, maybe no. I wish that somehow I could do something for women like this. There are so many broken hearts out there.
Anyways, I did enjoy School Days quite a bit. This is a favorite just because of the sheer thought that went into it. It really impressed me. I'd love to hear what you all think about it and some of the questions I've asked here, if you have half a mind to share.

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