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Originally Posted by gecd View Post
it works!!
how I supposed to know that
this game mechanism is terrible
this game really bring me to the despair
yeah, im like that too when i first encounter that, i keep stealing the first weak point and shoot all my evidence, thanks to that i game over once. the game only explained about how to steal

Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
The game was already clear about this feature. If you don't have the evidence against X statement, that means another character has the relevant argument or the said character is making a contradiction by themselves.
It is the easiest part of a nonstop debate. Just pay attention to what kind of evidence bullet you have.
haha its quite hard for me especially when i have bunch of evidence ammunition and so many and similar weakpoints and i cant keep repeat to next cycle because malicious only have a few damn minutes
Spoiler for last case:

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