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Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
Short topic changE: Is anyone here who manged to complete ALL profiles and can pls tell me how manay pages which character has?
I don't think I can play this 8 times just to get a slightly different end...
I did...
Kyotaka: 5
Byakuya: 6
Mondo: 5
Leon: 4
Hifumi: 6
Yasuhiro: 7
Sayaka: 3
Kyouko: 5
Aoi: 7
Touko: 6 + 3 (Last 3 are with Genocider, but you need to clear the first 6 with Touko)
Sakura: 6
Celes: 7
Junko 4
Chihiro: 5

I was pissed off by the major difference in pages between some characters. I certainly think that Yasuhiro and Celes really didn't need that many pages for them, whereas Sayaka and Junko have the utter short end of a stick.
Still, good thing SDR2 doesn't have the same system. Grinding the profiles/skills and medals are a major PITA.
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