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2013 had a number of good shows (that may not have been mentioned yet; I only skimmed the thread):

Uchouten Kazoku: A surface-whimsical story about a family of tanuki, this is about laughing in the face of tragedy and moving on. One of the best things about the show's emotional impact is the pitch-perfect pacing: it knows how to use contrast, when to be silly, and to let a scene linger to let things sink in, but they never pound a point home with the sledgehammer. It's a show about tanuki, and the motto "what is fun is good," even though the show makes it very clear that not everything is fun and that fun can have non-fun consequences. Highly recommended for great characters.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge: Nobody else is going to recommend this, so I will. It's the marriage of a love story and a survival-game plot (like Btoom! or Fate/Zero, from your list), and the two strands are linked together by a parade of sexual fetishes (which might turn you off). The main couple have, I think, outstanding chemistry (and there's a strange sense of both naivety and jadedness to both of them). The core theme seems to be to bundle your darker emotions (such as anger or vanity) into fethishes so they don't accumulate and possess you. The show's biggest pro is, I think, the art direction and music. It's not quite on the level of Nazo no Kanojo X, but it's almost there. With this show, you'll almost certainly know whether you'll like it after only one episode, and you'll likely not change your mind.

White Album 2: A straightforward love triangle exectued with an unprecedent attention to detail and emotional veracity. You'll feel these characters, and how they're stuck in a situation and make things worse for each other, because they try not to hurt each other. If you want to do love triangles, this is how you do it. (Aside: Many people hate the first White Album [which comes in two seasons], but I'd recommend this as well. The reason I mention this here, though, is so that you don't confuse the second season of that show, with White Album 2. Totally unrelated show, except that they share the setting - no recommended order of watching . The only things the shows have in common are specific songs.)
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