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Originally Posted by jesh462 View Post
I just finished Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I'm glad that this suggestion was posted. Even though it's completely different than any shows I've really seen before, I loved it!
TTGL didn't do it for me, but the current effort by the same team, director Imaishi Hiroyuki and scriptwriter Nakashima Kazuki, Kill la Kill, has me enthralled. If you have a spare twenty minutes right now, I suggest clicking this link:

BTW, Crunchyroll is offering 14-day free trials that remove the commercial advertising.

Nakashima wrote another of my favorite shows, Oh! Edo Rocket, which he adapted from his original stage play. It's set in 1843 Edo during the Tenpou Reforms which banned, among other things, public entertainments. The male protagonist is a young fireworks maker who can no longer pursue his craft because of the Reforms, so he is forced to sneak out at night to fire off the occasional rocket. Coming home from one of these adventures, he encounters a lovely young woman who asks him to build her a rocket that can reach the moon.

I reread most of this thread and was surprised to discover I hadn't recommended Bartender. It's a series of vignettes set in a Ginza bar about a master bartender who can magically identify the proper alcoholic concoction to soothe a customer's weary soul.

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