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I'll admit it, plot and development wise, the first game had more impact. But side 2nd is packed with 10 times more sentiments and thought-evoking topics. Like Kataoka-san said, the game is not meant to make you cry or anything, but if it can give you some food for thought, or make you want to replay the first game again, then his objective is completed.
I was expecting that, seeing it to be a doujin game not a commerical piece. And Tomo kataoka san said himself that he wanted this game to reach as many people as possible.
In tear-jerking game, there are certain "triggers" that can make you cry, a twist in story, sudden music, melachonic writing, words/cries by the seiyuu, etc, these "triggers" are creative arts themselves, but these "triggers" doesn't always carry a meaning, but more of a demonstration of the love you developed on the characters, more of a selling point for commerical games. You feeling good (?) after you emptied your lacrimal glands, there, that's entertainment for ya (this opinion is open for debate though, I've been thinking about this but never reached a conclusion)
Same with narcissu as well, i believe kataoka san could have made it twice as much tear-jerking, seeing how he did the chapter 1 of giniro.
Well, better leave the comments AFTER I played the 2nd.
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