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Not necessarily memorable in a good way but definitely the Patriarch at the end of Xenosaga Ep II. One of the few non-optional boss fights in an rpg that I consider really hard and can honestly say I struggled with. Fight starts simple enough but he gains more and more abilities as his hp goes down. By the end of the fight, he has multiple attacks that can wipe out your entire party from full hp in 2-3 hits, 2 separate turns (one for himself and one for the Omega machine in the background), and the capability to boost himself to extra turns, meaning it's easily possible for him to totally wipe out your party before you can even get another turn to heal. Was also a pretty long fight, between 20 and 30 min, as he had at least double the hp of the previous boss. And dying because of unlucky turn placement or boosts from him 20 minutes in made it extremely frustrating to have to try again.

Pretty much all the possible final bosses from Drakengard too, just because of how twisted that game was. 100-foot tall little girl with deep male voice is uh, interesting.
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