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Just watched the episode with Coalguys subs. Definitely a 10 from me.

It's been mentioned by everyone, but Minori's focus on keeping busy comes about because she's running away from the truth. Rather than believing in ghosts (love) that she cannot see, she would rather keep the things she can see (friendship with Taiga), and devote her efforts on tangible things (work). Ami's incisiveness is, once again, impressive. While Minori was spouting all kinds of metaphors, Ami stole the thunder with just one line - "You want to say that if I just watch and don't interfere, everything will turn out fine, right?"

On a side note, I sometimes speak with obscure metaphors like Minori did. The point of it, imo, isn't in letting the other person know what you're talking about, but more of deriving satisfaction from how you've left clues for the other person, even if they never understood it. It's sort of shifting the blame from you having not told the other person, to him/her not figuring out what you've said.

The last 5 minutes of the episode where Taiga appeared at the doorstep of the Takasu residence was beautifully crafted. It was as though the atmosphere and dynamics of the show had returned to the way the previous episodes were. It had the same feel as the scene in the villa with the dimmed lights, with Taiga commenting that with just her and Ryuuji in the room, it felt as though they were back in the apartment even though they were in a huge room. Ryuuji turned back to normal with Taiga around, rather than his broody self earlier in the episode. It was as if I was watching ToraDora! again (not that the earlier half wasn't ToraDora, but it felt different).

Best quote of the episode (for how I LOLed):
Whatever, talking to you feels like having a period - Ami
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