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Dammit I was expecting Ryuuji to man it up and admit it was him who carried her up that snowy hill and who heard her confessed delirium.

At the end of this ep, I thought maybe Ami should be finally clearer to Ryuji and present him with a pair of big plastic balls (sorta "after x-mas present-o). So he can attach them and finally show some development/get rid of his dullness.

Btw, if Ryuji is the father and Minorin the mother, then Ami is the "oh so witty" & cynical granny.

Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
Anyway a not so action-packed episode, most likely as it seems a bridging episode to the last 3.
I agree and somehow get the feeling, that Ryuji's overcoming of his own dullness, will represent the final conclusion (otherwise we would have seen this sorta development way earlier in the series).
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