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Breath of Fire 5. It was friggin epic to say the least. After all the fighting against the regents, the final boss was kind of a surprise(kind of because some small scenes announced it) and it was a joy.

I think Solidus of MGS2 was good too. Not that difficulty, but it was epic in his own kind of way, and got one of the best songs in a boss fight that i ever saw. It's the best final boss of the MGS series, imho.

Pokemon Gold: Fighting Ash. 'Nuff said.

FF7: Well, it's Sephiroth after all.

ZOE 2: OMG. Jehuty vs Anubis is awesome. After all those warm up videos that shows Anubis is the greatest mecha ever made, you having to take it down its just insane. Loved every moment.
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