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I'll end it before April.
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Originally Posted by Shinoto View Post

"And it's the same girl who have sex just for fun >_> "
You know, it's possible for girls to enjoy sex also. Just like a guy. You're making it sound like they are some shallow whore >_>
No I have nothing againste a girl who enjoy sex. What I was trying to say is that I don't like girl who have sex for fun with a random guy she doesn't know.

Originally Posted by Narona

While I am not part of the "let's have sex for fun without a very serious relationship" (i'll never do that, bleh)), they have the right to do it and there's no law that says "you are right, and they are wrong", hence we have to respect their choice (of course, they have to respect the other people who make different choices... And not all of them do it... but thta's another story)

And there are people in HS who have sincere feelings and try to build something serious, don't forget that.
And ? Why are you saying that to me ?


I don't see many girls wanting to hear "Hey ma cocotte, tu es aussi bonne que la dernière bière belge et j'ai autant envie de me marier avec toi que d'aller voir le match de foot Real de Madrid VS Milan AC!" instead

"Cherie, tu es aussi belle qu'un big mac, aussi savoureuse qu'un steak haché et aussi pur qu'un Mac Fleury, tu es le big mac de ma vie. Epouse moi ! "

A true lover sentence
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