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I've been thinking about this after I saw the new opening, but could it be possible that the "actual" bomb is not supposed to harm anyone? More like, it would be a certain "time limit". For example, Kinzo, after having made his epitaph and put it to display, would have put a bomb that would go off on a certain day, on a certain time. If the epitaph would not be solved in time, and the gold would not be found alongside the bomb, the bomb would explode, destroying the gold-room/the tunnel to the gold-room, making it impossible to access the gold anymore. However, what Kinzo did not take into consideration was that the bomb could cause something else to explode too (Volcanic gases?), destroying the whole mansion. Or maybe someone delibirately made sure that the explosion would kill everyone (Like how I theorized that the destroying the shrine would have let the volcanic gases free to flow again).

Just a thought.
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