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I've only just finished Kokoro's route, but I'm prepared for the non-conclusive ending. As for your gripe about the characters, I guess I'm okay with most of them- the only one I hate is Mayuzumi, for obvious reasons. I like Kokoro and Yuni, don't know enough about Satoru to have an opinion on him, I find Yomogi likeable, and I don't really have an opinion on Hotori or Utsumi.

However, I have discovered something that may or may not shine more light- like Ever17, Remember11 has two Drama CDs- one that's a single disk (like 2035) and one that's told over the Character CDs (like After You've Gone, except there's 6 parts instead of 5.). But I understand that at the same time it may reveal nothing, but since Ever17's Drama CDs cleared up at least a few loose ends from the game, maybe this one will be the same.

I can't find them as mp3s online, however, and so I will have to buy the CDs. Fortunately, they're avaliable at cheap prices on the Japanese Amazon, so I'll buy them there. However, I haven't finished the game yet and my main priority is the Never7 translation, so it might be a while.
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