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1000% FACTUAL LINER NOTES (Episode 1)

I figured this would be a good place to repost (and then finally complete) Kawamori's episode commentary from Frontier. I also decided to include the scenes listd in the DVD booklets' "Macross Check" section, although I'm not translating the blurbs that they put, just listing the sequences. There are few surprises there...most of the references have already been discovered by the fans.

Kawamori's Commentary
#01 - Close Encounter
Script: Hiroyuki Yoshino / Storyboard: Yasuhito Kikuchi, Shoji Kawamori / Production: Takayuki Tanaka / Art Direction: Yuichi Takahashi, Risa Ebata
In regards to the TV series, we're aiming for it to be the culmination of everything from the Macross series up to this point. The director (Yasuhito) Kikuchi and I did the storyboards ourselves, and we were able to put in all the little items we wanted to see. With the two of us doing it, 20 minutes just wasn't long enough! (laughs) We tried many experiments in the first episode. The parts that worked out well we brushed up and developed further in the following story.

Macross Check!
1. The scene with the guys in the Ex-Gears doing the "plane hand" while stretching their arms out to the sun is a reference to a key moment in Macross Plus.

2. Sheryl shouting "Listen to my song!" is an homage to Basara's signature line.

3. The VF-25 shooting its gunpod at the end of the episode is an homage to the end of episode 2 of SDFM TV, where the VF-1D is in the same pose.
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