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I always imagined the VF-19 never got widespread adoption because it was more of an atmospheric fighter instead of a space fighter, that's why we got the VF-19F in Macross 7 as more of a space fighter design, although really the fact that they had to make some last minute design changes to make it more of a space fighter should be indicative that it wasn't really suited for that, even though it did pretty well compared to the VF-17. I also figure the VF-19 was expensive, which is probably why the VF-171s exist.

A VF-25 with Super Pack I imagine would flat out destroy a VF-19 in space. I'd still give the edge to the straight production version of Isamu's YF-19 (like the Fire Valkyrie) in an atmosphere, FASTs or no, although Hybrid pack seems to address the VF-25's weakness in an atmosphere. I still haven't exactly figured out if the VF-25 even has an internal missile bay. The only time a non-FAST VF-25 ever seems to fire a missile is when a couple fall on the Vajra in episode 1 from off-screen, the fact that Gilliam flies overhead immediately after suggests that he fired them, but from where?

Alright, probably diverging off topic. I'd say sniping is your best bet, perhaps some close range fighting with some Vajra that get split off from the main group, or intercepting Vajra reinforcements before they reach NUNS. Just make sure your snipers aren't using rounds with tracers like Mikhail's seems to have. Other than that NUNS has some difficulty with evasive maneuvers so hopefully those Vajra won't be changing direction toooo much. Even still, it's an asteroid field so you should be able to get relatively close if you have stealth systems to avoid NUNS detecting you. Other than that just keep the engine throttle down so you don't get the considerable exhaust plume like what you get on full throttle.

Actually, a better tactic would be to "hop" from asteroid to asteroid if you want to get closer. Give a tap of the throttle to throw the Valkyrie off of one rock toward another rock, and use inertia to cross the gap with silent running. Or even just push off the rock with the legs or arms in Battroid and climb over the rocks, then you won't need to use the engines at all. Just watch for stray shots and be ready to maneuver if one of the Vajra spot you, but you should have someone covering the guy moving with his own sniper rifle, so if any Vajra gets close to the guy running silent, blam.
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