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Er, that was very exhaustive. Thanks.

It's basically selling as well as only movie adaptations have done before it, which strikes me as odd. But I guess media still has some pull.
That is true to a certain extent. However if marketing is the only factor it would certainly not be the first and only truly successful MW-bunko originated title*. Kadokawa has more than enough funds and strings on the media machine, but even it cannot bring the total sales for most MW Bunko titles beyond the 10k point, a striking contrast with the 50-60k sales every week of Biblia.

I see it as Tiger & Bunny in the light novel world. TB is a solid anime that caught the industry by surprise when everyone had been expecting the sales be horrible due to the lack of certain commonly found tropes. However the production team was at least quick in picking up the market trend (early popularity achieved merely by word-of-mouth over twitter by anime fans) and started intensive marketing campaigns afterwards. A variety of factors combined to turn it into one of the top-selling anime in 2011.

* (sans Arikawa stuff, whose writer achieved mainstream status long before the existence of the label)
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