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I guess that GBH missed this post from a while ago, huh.

Originally Posted by AuraTwilight View Post
On the question of what the 1996 narrative is, I'd like to point out that Renall and I have had many talks, both on this forum and in AIM logs I've posted here, regarding the nature of different narratives in Umineko, and how many of them don't seem to have any sort of 'real-world' counterpart, like much of EP7's contents. I wouldn't worry too much about what 1996's narrative is for "Prime", but focus on why you're seeing it, what it means, and what it says.
To be fair, Renall does show a lot of interest in where things like EP7 come from, so it wouldn't be that crazy to think that he might be clearer about things like that in his own work. But I never really thought that the origin of the 1996 narrative was particularly important. And to think that Walter would have bothered writing out the whole thing in narrative form (with a fantasy scene at the end and all) is a little silly; I guess it would sort of fit his overly dramatic character, but that's going a little too far.

Renall, are you a woman? No one knows on the internet unless you spell it out, so I'll mention I'm a (fairly obtuse when it comes to people) guy just to be fair. Is Sarah some kind of self-insert character for you? I feel bad for you now. I can't even imagine living through that kind of madness. I guess I've had a pretty sheltered life...
Haha, I have to admit I did think the same thing for a second when she first said she was a lawyer in the tea party. But I'm pretty sure that's where the resemblance ends.

While we're on the subject, though, I have to say that the whole direction that the plot ended up going in actually kind of creeps me out in a lot of ways. A large amount of it is extremely similar to an Umineko fanfic I was planning on writing long before I'd even heard of Redaction, and I was planning on introducing a self-insert character as the witch in much the same manner that Sarah did. Several of the scenes are so similar to my outlines that it's almost unbelievable. But I suppose I should probably have stopped being freaked out by my resemblance to fictional characters after the original Beatrice happened. Anyway, many thanks to Renall for essentially writing what I wanted to and probably never would have gotten around to.
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