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Either way I know for a fact that the individual compensation program for victims of the Holocaust is still ongoing and will continue until the last survivor passes away. Germany committed at least that much, and that funding genuinely supports the care of the now-senior Holocaust survivors scattered across the planet. Human rights and issues of fairness and justice aside, it was just good PR.
I know a 90 year old Dutch Jewish lady who lives in my neighbourhood who still gets compensation money from the German government, and she wasn't even in any of the concentration camps. Her family fled to England during the invasion of Holland, they survived there and came back after the war. She told me that the German government approached her family and wanted to pay for emotional trauma.. They went to that kind of length to apologies for the past.

From what I read here Japan can't be compared to something like this. And having lived In Japan for some time I can kind of understand that. While I know very little about politics in Japan, I did notice this: "well.. what happen, happend. It can't be helped right? ohh well.." that is the kind of mindset they have towards a lot of local issues, I won't be surprised if they approach foreign issues the same way.
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