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Originally Posted by KiraYamatoFan View Post
That was not easy, but I found the man:

An Byeong-jik (spelling can vary on various websites)

Professor emeritus at Seoul National University and 78 years old, his research focuses on economic history of Korea under Japanese colonial rule, but he also taught social science. OK, he has been criticized for a number of positions on many topics, mainly because of his neoconservative views (to which the current SK president adheres to). Still, his position on the topic reminds everyone that wartime prostitution is always and very unfortunately a very lucrative business.

Having read that, you can see why anything the self-proclaimed victims say should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. There have been just too many cases of extortion already in the real world.
From a US account that I read, there aren't really any mentioning of forceful recruitment. They did, however, mention that many girls were ignorant and tricked into it by false advertisement.

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they can vote for whoever they want but other people can also criticize them for their choices.
Certainly some people may deserve some criticisms, but I just want to mention that the priority of Japanese voters were economics and social welfare by far, so...
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