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Originally Posted by noobita View Post
You sound like Touma's right hand actually hit harder than Misaka's attack.
no touma's punch is just like getting hit by a metal bar though that's what the novel explains it. It's not ubber strong and it's not totally weak. Just your average strong punch but against someone who's been strip up of their power ups and turn into normal human being. That damage is enough.
Does this kind of situation ever occur in your mind like, Touma's neutralize his opponent magic/shield while Misaka take the opportunity to defeat it with her powerful railgun or 20 billions volt attack or slash it with her iron sand sword?
No to be honest..... it didn't occur to me at all. well maybe in future arc their could be a happening, heck maybe she could hit fianmma after touma hitting the sh*t out of that psycho but that would be another plot device or story because from the past encounter of fianmma that wouldn't happen at all
Just imagine if Misaka actually help Touma during the Accelerator skirmish. Accelerator would be dead if Misaka shot her railgun because his vector wall/shield was neutralized by Touma's right hand which leaves him defenseless.
you pick the worst example. I think someone did explain this that misaka vs accelerator is a big miss match. And touma's IB doesn't work like if he punch accelerator his defence would be zero. If that happen's then touma should just punch him simultaneously from right and left but he didn't Because the only magic hand he has is the right. And it didn't put accelerator's firewall out. It would just ..... like a ........ I don't know how to explain it but the bottom line is if touma punch accel it doesn't mean he can be attack by the others. Touma's right hand is just the only one acting on itself that could by pass that fire wall.
and who know, Misaka probably will get enough battle experience through fighting other AIM Burst being or yandere Esper off-screen (ala Railgun spin-off)
And for Misaka to awaken, what wrong with that? If you read enough manga, you should know that "past fact" never been 100% accurate...Just like the legendary Super Saiyan thing. In fact, I don't even surprise that everyone can became angel in the end of the series.
right I wouldn't be surprised too but the problem is it's too messed up already and I'm not big misaka fan to be happy with it


Don't get me wrong it's just that I'm not much fond of misaka that's all

Well she's good in the side line and now that she's going to russia it looks like she would be getting her center stage and I don't know what would happen but I bet a great plot device would happen like on how touma often wins
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