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Originally Posted by noobita View Post
Still doesn't change the fact that Misaka can do more damage than his punch. With a well-coordinated attack or strategy, Misaka can become good artillery role for Touma's faction.
too bad misaka isn't an experienced fighter and she and touma never fought together, so the well-coordinated strategy would be difficult to pull of...

Why do you have the impression that she cannot herself for long enough?
let's see...because Fiamma can erase Rome(which is bigger than New York) in one attack?

You shouldn't sound like she is freaking noob or weakling.
she isn't. It's just Touma's current enemy is too powerful

She did fight against AIM Burst and Lv4 and Lv5 espers (ITEM) by herself.
yes...none of which would be even nearly a match for Fiamma

Give her some credit. She probably not the brightest bulb in the world, but she is still smart enough to come out with something to compensate on what she lacks. She can be a good support to Touma.
I do give her credit. The problem is that she isn't powerful enough to fight the top tier characters, nor does she have an hax ability to compensate, nor does she have great experience or knowledge...

But she can prove her worthy with under the right condition.
this is the point: Touma+misaka vs Fiamma, Misaka would be a burden.

Touma+Accelerator+Acqua+Aurrelus vs Fiamma, Mikoto stays away from the battle and only steps up after Fiamma's exhausted, or stays away and attacks him from afar when his defence is down, then she'd be pretty useful

Touma + Misaka combination still better than Touma alone. After all, her power is damn versatile in almost every situation, which can open a lot of strategy/tactical option for battle.
No, not always. Not against an enemy who could obliterate mikoto in one attack

By the way, can I know how many times that Misaka had become a burden for Touma?
Never, since she never fought alongside him

I'm not saying Mikoto wouldn't be useful for Touma, i'm saying she would be about as useful as the Amakusa, and would take a similar role in helping Touma. Of course, she's individualy more powerful than anyone in the Amakusa, so she could be of help even against powerful enemies, under the right circumstances. But she would be a burden if she were to fight alongside Touma against these kind of enemies, unless there's someone else(like Kaori) who could provide help for both

basically: Touma+Mikoto vs Top Tier magician = probably a burden
Touma+other powerful allies+mikoto = probably helpful(depends on how powerful are both the enemy and the allies)
Mikoto stays away from the battlefield and uses her power for long range attacks or support = most likely helpful

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