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Originally Posted by giorno View Post
too bad misaka isn't an experienced fighter...
I don't know, she seems pretty good in Railgun manga...

Originally Posted by giorno View Post
let's see...because Fiamma can erase Rome(which is bigger than New York) in one attack?

she isn't. It's just Touma's current enemy is too powerful

yes...none of which would be even nearly a match for Fiamma

I do give her credit. The problem is that she isn't powerful enough to fight the top tier characters, nor does she have an hax ability to compensate, nor does she have great experience or knowledge...

this is the point: Touma+misaka vs Fiamma, Misaka would be a burden.

Touma+Accelerator+Acqua+Aurrelus vs Fiamma, Mikoto stays away from the battle and only steps up after Fiamma's exhausted, or stays away and attacks him from afar when his defence is down, then she'd be pretty useful

No, not always. Not against an enemy who could obliterate mikoto in one attack
It's truth that Mikoto wouldn't be able to handle Fiamma, But that's the case for anybody else. Touma has Lessar with him, surely you don't think she can handle Fiamma? At the same time, she isn't a burden (As far as I know), what you're saying is that Mikoto would do worse than Lessar?

Look I'm just saying why wouldn't you want Mikoto to watch his back? I mean, Touma has been making do with alot less before. For once to have a powerful Esper by his side no matter how you cut it, can only be seen as a huge bonus compared to the usual help he gets.

(That, and I admit to be bias to the idea of seeing Touma and Mikoto tag-team ever since rescuing Kuroko in Vol 8 )
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