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that rejection made me laugh, the guy was asking for it , but i didn't like that girl she was such a frikking biaatch she should have been a bit more conservative about the way she interacted with him but i guess she was leading him on with the "your so nice" crap
Yeah, the way Haruka kept on teasing him and then the rejection was pretty brutal. Well, not really since the lead is kinda eh. Not sure on the resetting thing but I think it'll be much better than if they tweak the endings of each girl and mush it into one story. Though I haven't played the game yet so I have no idea but it's looking to be a nice show. Keep on imagining Hinagiku when Haruka speaks though lol.

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*Hugs tightly.* Finally someone who agrees with me! And what? Japanese watchers what are you thinking?! (I can say that for a number of Otaku subjects but this...)

Something like this 2 years back would of been one of my favourite animes but i'm pretty sick of these repetitive character roles by now it's much below my standard. P.S KKPR? Full title? Sounds like something i've watched.

Netherless It's something to burn my time on watching. (Sigh)
It's Kimikiss pure rouge, I'm assuming.

Also probably stupid question but does the SS mean anything?
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