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Originally Posted by OceanBlue View Post
It was guys being guys. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw guys at my school messing around like that. I personally think she had a reason to do that, but we'll see.

Protagonist-guy [I can't remember his name, but I can remember Nii-nii.] is probably in his second year, considering he remarked on the girl being a freshman and has a senpai. That'd place him around 16 or 17?
Hell Yeah, thats def "boys will be boys"
I was doing stupid stuff like that all the time at school even right up to my last year, hell maybe even for a time afterwards, yea me and my friends were pretty immature but we didn't really care
Actually reminds me we're doing leap frog once expect we weren't bending over we stood up straight trying to see if we could jump over each other, girl tried to jump over me but I stood at around 6 foot back then so lets say she didn't land so well.

School boy crush is school boy crush, it comes and goes. Her "leading" him on even for a little bit would be enough for school boy crush to bloom like wild fire.
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